• A MESSAGE FROM OUR PASTOR A MESSAGE FROM OUR PASTOR NOTICE OF CHANGE IN DAILY MORNING MASS TIME (EFFECTIVE JANUARY 2, 2017) 31 July 2016 Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ: I hope that you are enjoying summer and are finding some peace and some ease in the slower pace in Naples this time of year. After a year of inquiry among members of the parish and in consultation with those responsible for the parish’s liturgical life, we have decided that effective 2 January 2017, the daily morning Mass will move to 9:00AM. There are several reasons for this change: 1- Our two neighboring parishes both offer an 8:00AM Mass. A different time provides another option to all daily Mass participants in the area. 2- The super majority of daily Mass attendees are retirees. Several parishioners have indicated to us that due to age and medical issues, the 8:00AM Mass is just too early for them to ever be able to attend. While it is true that there is a 12:15PM Mass during season, the year-long morning Mass never proves to be an option for these individuals. 3- Because of medical issues, not all priests in the parish are able to celebrate the 8AM Mass. A 9AM Mass will make it possible for all priests to preside at daily Mass. We have to acknowledge that we are blessed to have four priests here but at the same time understand that the priests, while aging, are remaining committed to serving the people of the parish. 4- During the school year, the Friday Mass always has to be held at 8:30AM in order to accommodate the school schedule. This difference in time is confusing. By changing the time, a 9:00AM Mass will be offered seven days a week. We are well aware that not everyone will be pleased with this decision. I learned a long time ago that when decisions are made, they are rarely met with universal praise or acclimation. Change is incredibly difficult for most, even if that change is beneficial in the long term. We did not make this decision lightly but after much consultation and after a great deal of prayer and thought. It is, however, our duty as parish priests and parish staff to serve the People of God in the best way possible and we believe this adaptation is for the good of the parish. We thank you for your gracious flexibility and openness to the new graces that will come with this change. We are hopeful that this change will continue to foster a greater love of the Eucharist here at Saint Ann. Sincerely yours, Father Michael
  • Interested in learning about the Catholic Faith?  Open House & Registration Sunday, July 31st following all Masses & on August 7th after the 9:00 & 11:00 Masses Interested in learning about the Catholic Faith? Open House & Registration Sunday, July 31st following all Masses & on August 7th after the 9:00 & 11:00 Masses What is RCIA? In recent years there has been a great increase in the number of adults who are joining the Catholic Church. RCIA (which stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) is a process designed to help non-Catholics and non-practicing Catholics learn more about Catholicism through a series of classes, discussions, prayer times and ceremonies. This program helps people grow in faith and knowledge of God as they consider becoming Catholic. There is no obligation to join the Catholic Church. Saint Ann’s RCIA process is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith. If you are not yet sure whether you want to become Catholic, you are still welcome to participate as you make your decision. People from all sorts of religious backgrounds join the RCIA. Some have been baptized in another Christian religion and some have not. Some have been practicing members of a Christian religion for years and some have had little or no religious instruction or support. The RCIA is a mix of praying, learning facts, discussing how these apply to our lives, participating in prayerful ceremonies (called “rites”) and most importantly, using all of these experiences to build and grow in a relationship with God. While the RCIA is for those age seven and above, accommodations will be made depending on the make-up of the class. For example, with adult classes, general instruction will be given to the entire class, and classes for children will be broken up into small groups with activities tailored to their age and sacraments.
  • Sundays at 3PM in Rooney Hall for a Religious or Inspirational Film. Sundays at 3PM in Rooney Hall for a Religious or Inspirational Film. Sundays at 3:00 PM Rooney Hall Admission: 2 Canned goods for Saint Vincent de Paul Popcorn and Water provided July 31 Remembrance NR August 14 The Way PG13 August 21 What If PG August 28* The Straight Story G * August 28th film begins at 2:00 PM Join us each week in Rooney Hall for a Religious or Inspirational Film. Contact Sybil (239) 262- 4256 for details.
  • ALTAR SERVER TRAINING SCHEDULE FOR EXPERIENCED SERVERS AND NEW STUDENTS ALTAR SERVER TRAINING SCHEDULE FOR EXPERIENCED SERVERS AND NEW STUDENTS Liturgy Director, Ray Santiago, will provide re-training for all altar servers and training for any new students interested in becoming altar servers according to the following schedule. Saint Ann School students will be supervised on their walk to the church five minutes before dismissal. Parents, please make transportation arrangements for your child/children to be picked up at the church following their training session. For more information contact Raymond Santiago at (239) 262-4256. Tuesday, August 16 - 3pm Grades 7-8 Wednesday, August 17 - 3pm Grades 5-6 Tuesday August 23 - 3pm Grades 3-4

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